Local Coin Trivia

Sacajawea helped Lewis and Clark, is featured on U.S. dollar coins and is immoralized in a historic statue found in Portland - the first statue of a woman unveiled in America!

Our next in person coin collecting merit badge workshop will be April 9, 2022 in Tukwila, Washington.

We've decided to not offer workshops this fall, out of an abundance of caution and because we have concerns about being able to be flexible enough to adhere to shifts in regulations for group events in a timely manner. This means our previously scheduled workshop on October 9, 2021 is postponed until April 9, and we have also elected to not have a workshop in Portland in November. Contact me directly if you have an interest in doing something online (Zoom), or at a Troop/Patrol level where we can have better control over facilities where we meet (coin shows and convention spaces are just a little too complicated still).

As always, please drop me a note () if you'd like to work on the merit badge in the Pacific Northwest and we can help - scouts, patrol, troops, districts, councils... drop us a note!

Andrew and Brian Boy Scout Coin Collecting Merit Badge

Three Cents Encased Postage, Civil War Era


BSA Coin Collecting Merit Badge


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